Badlands is a collection of 16 original songs in the country, rock, and bluegrass genres. All music is played by Paul Dennis Kopco. It’s available to purchase here.

Badlands medley

by Paul Dennis | Badlands

  1. I Won The Battle But I Lost The War
  2. Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains
  3. I’ve Had It Up To Here
  4. Seven Straight Days of Rain
  5. I’m Caught In Your Web
  6. Another Man
  7. This Game of Cat & Mouse
  8. Rowdy Pickers
  1. Now Is Not The Time
  2. That Big Old Tree
  3. No News Is Good News
  4. There’s Nothing Wrong With You
  5. I’m Sorry That You Feel That Way
  6. The House In The Woods
  7. The Best Love
  8. Sad Songs

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